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Winter is coming. Cold nights, icy roads, snow decreasing visibility. These conditions create the perfect storm for accidents.

The worse part about it: local government is seeking to profit from them. The statute can be found at 625 ILCS 5/11-601.

The Problem

Many problems arise when two cars get in an accident and many professionals are consulted to fix them. Hospitals, doctors, auto body shops and…lawyers!?! Whenever there is an accident and the police do not know who caused it, then the default ticket issued is for failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident. This “catch all” ticket is very common in McHenry County.

If personal injury or severe property dmage is caused, the ticket is marked as MUST APPEAR in court. Drivers have to take off of work to go to court. The result are lost wages, lost opportunities, and a waste of time.

What’s worse are the court costs. When there is an accident and court is required, the court gets to collect court costs. In many sitautions, these are much greaterthan the fines. The county prospers from each accident that occurs!

The Solution

When handled properly, failure to reduce speed tickets are very regularly dismissed. In fact, they are one of the most common tickets to get thrown out. If a defense attorney is retained, then the driver does not have to go to court. This allows the driver to focus on what’s important: getting their car fixed and life back to normal.

These charges are not overly complicated. Our office sits less than a block away from the courthouse and we are in the traffic room on a daily basis. Therefore, the legal fees are not much. To handle a failure to reduce speed matter from start to finish, we charge a flat rate of $100. No hidden fees, no large retainers or hourly billing.

Evan E. Randall – Representing Driver’s Involved In Accidents

The Law Offices of Evan E. Randall handles many failure to reduce speed tickets in McHenry County. These are not expensive tickets to have handled correctly and we regularly save our clients hundreds of dollars in comparison to the court costs. Contact Evan E. Randall today by calling (815) 880-4529 or by email at