Benefits of Traffic Attorneys

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Traffic court is a place many consider simple, easy or uncomplicated. This is not the case and anyone who watches an experienced traffic attorney at work can see this plain and simple. The traffic code can be found at 625 ILCS 5/ et seq.

No Appearance Required

One of the most understated benefits is that a driver who retains counsel does not have to appear in court. Period. It does not matter if the ticket is marked MUST APPEAR or not. Judge Gervais presides in the traffic courtroom, number 102, and no driver needs to be present if they have an attorney. That means no taking off work, lost wages or missed opportunities.

Open Communication

Evan E. Randall sends each traffic client a letter following each court date. This provides drivers with an update on how their matter is progressing and lets them know what to expect.

Minimizing the Impact

Traffic tickets have implications that reach far beyond the courthouse. The Secretary of State may take actions against a driver’s license based on number of violations, the type of violation, or any number of other reasons. A traffic attorney not only protects the driver from the court, but also makes sure that the driver’s license will not be suspended or revoked as well.

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