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McHenry County Traffic Defense Attorney – Evan E. Randall

One of the more common questions we get whether it is worth it to fight a traffic ticket. The answer depends on the driver. We take a practical approach to traffic tickets. Sometimes it’s better to just pay the fine, sometimes it is worth fighting in court. A good traffic defense attorney will know the difference.

For most people, it is a hassle to get a traffic ticket. Fines, court costs, and having to take days make life much more difficult. However, the fines for certain offenses, like a violation of Scott’s Law, have sky-rocketed, making hiring an attorney a much better idea.

Cost of Legal Representation

There is no way to sugar coat it: hiring an attorney isn’t free. That being said, it shouldn’t cost an arm or leg to hire a traffic attorney. With iur office being located less than a block away from the McHenry County Courthouse, our fees for traffic matters is substantially less than other attorneys.

Evan E. Randall charges a flat rate for most traffic matters. Generally speaking, fees range from $75 for speeding tickets to $150 for more serious traffic violations. Our fixed prices are for legal representation from start to finish and there are no hidden charges, large retainers or hourly billing.

When considering costs, it is important to note the impact a conviction will have on insurance rates. This expense has to be taken into consideration when a driver is thinking about just pleading guilty.

Secretary of State

When reviewing a traffic case, Evan E. Randall pays particularly close attention to the impact a conviction could have on the client’s driver’s license. In some situations, the Secretary of State may chose to suspend or revoke a driver’s license. Your attorney must advise you as to the consequences that a ticket will have outside of the courtroom. impacts that effect real life.

Launching a Defense

Many drivers believe that there are no defenses to traffic tickets, but this cannot be further from the truth. After setting up a free consultation over the phone or in our office, a traffic defense attorney will provide you with a strategy to achieve the best outcome in court. Defenses will be discussed and a game plan will be created.

First, it is important to know that police officer’s are not lawyers. In many situations, they do not understand the laws that they are enforcing. These laws are written by lawyers, are often hard to understand, and police officers do not always get it right. Evan E. Randall has gotten tickets dismissed because the officer copied and pasted information from a prior ticket that included the wrong vehicle and license plate number. The officer was simply careless and the case was thrown out.

If a driver simply pay the ticket, this is an admission of guilt and there is no defense. Therefore, consult a traffic defense attorney before making any payment.

The Police Officer

If the matter is set for trial and the police officer who issued the citation doesn’t show up, the case will be dismissed. This is the easiest way to win a traffic case. There are a variety of means to hedge your bet that the officer won’t show. A seasoned traffic defense attorney knows these and will schedule court dates accordingly.

Speedy Trial

Traffic tickets have strict timelines that must be adhered to. The Sixth Amendment provides the right to a speedy trial. If the case is prolonged because of the State beyond the legal limit, the ticket must be dismissed.

Radar Guns

If your speed was clocked as over the limit by a police officer using a radar gun, then there are more defenses available to the trained attorney. For instance, these machines need to be recalibrated to ensure their accuracy. A review of the paperwork subpeonaed by your attorney will provide records of the calibration and maintenance of the device. Lack of funding, forgetfulness, or ignorance often result in these deadlines being forgotten and inaccurate devices being used by police departments.

Errors on the Ticket

As stated above, Evan E. Randall has gotten many traffic tickets thrown out because the information contained on them was not accurate. The use of computers means that police officers sometimes copy and paste information from prior tickets to make issuing new ones faster. They also overlook certain requirements such as providing the statutory reference to the alleged offense.

Failing Defenses

If you had time and nothing else to do, attend traffic court and just listen. Many people represent themselves and provide defenses that simply do not work. In fact, many of these “defenses” actually admit that the offense occurred! many of these include:

  • The driver didn’t know that what they did violate a law
  • Nobody was injured as a result of the offense I committed
  • Every other driver was doing it
  • Sob story

These are not defenses and will result in a conviction faster than you can imagine. Judges have heard it all before and the police officer knows how to respond to each of these “defenses”. Instead of trying to handle it yourself, retain a trained traffic defense attorney. It is often much less e xpensive than you imagined.