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Secretary of State Hearing Attorney – Evan E. Randall

There are many reasons why someone might have their driver’s license revoked, cancelled, or suspended.  Among the most common are:

  • DUI or Summary Suspension
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Nonpayment of court fees or fines
  • Failure to pay child support

The right to drive is one that is often taken for granted until it is lost. In modern society, it is almost impossible to conduct day to day activities without being able to drive. Evan E. Randall is your best bet when appealing a Secretary of State decision. While the majority of hearings are conducted at the local Secretary of State Office, more serious cases must be handled in Springfield or Chicago. The local office can be located at:

McHenry County – Secretary of State Office

428 South Eastwood Drive (Route 47)

Woodstock, Illinois 60098

(312) 793-1010


There are many aspects to a Secretary of State proceeding that must be taken into account. An experienced attorney will know exactly what a driver can do to improve their odds of getting their license reinstated. Certain classes can be completed online which will improve the odds as will collecting certain documentation for the hearing officer’s review.

The Hearing

In order to appeal a decision that has impacted your driver’s license, a hearing must be scheduled. These are conducted at the Secretary of State Office and come in two forms: formal and informal. Informal hearings are cheaper, easier, and used in most situations. For more serious matters, such as those involving a second or subsequent DUI, a formal hearing is required. Better results are had if the driver is represented by an experienced attorney, but it is much more crucial if a formal hearing is required.

Since regular criminal defense law and procedures do not apply, the Secretary of State proceedings can confuse even experienced defense attorneys. The special rules and procedures must be followed and only an attorney who has handled a large number of Secretary of State hearings will know how to navigate the process.

First Steps

Evan E. Randall will first obtain a copy of the driver’s court purposes abstract. This document will reflect each and every action that has ever been taken one a driver’s license. It will identify the precise reason why the license is cancelled, suspended or revoked. From here, a strategy is created with the assistance of the client to create a plan for license reinstatement.

If a hearing is required, then those options will be explored. However, this can only be known by reviewing the driving abstract.  It all begins by calling Evan E. Randall at (815) 880-4529 or by email to