Evan E. Randall,

Criminal Defense Attorney

Upon receipt of his law degree and accreditation to the practice of law, Mr. Randall quickly became the trusted advisor on multiple large felony cases. His early successes with felony representation earned him high profile cases, defending clients in the realm of predatory criminal sexual assault, drug induced homicide and child pornography.
The Law Offices of Evan E. Randall continues to provide the highest level of criminal defense services to those charged with a crime in the McHenry County area. Whether the charges are misdemeanor domestic battery, assault, or drug induced homicide, each client can expect to have their case handled with proficiency, timeliness and quality.
Prior to beginning this McHenry County focused criminal defense firm, Mr. Randall was the lead criminal defense attorney at a renowned McHenry County firm. His dedicated support staff provided the basis for excellent customer service and client communication.