When someone gets pulled over for a traffic offense such as speeding, rolling a stop sign, or being on their cell phone, it is often viewed as a mere inconvenience. However, for many people, the impact of a conviction can have far more serious effects. The Secretary of State may suspend vehicle registration or a driver's license and relief can only be obtained through a hearing at the local Secretary of State office.

Due to the possible consequences a simple traffic ticket can have, it is important that anyone who gets a traffic citation at least speak with an attorney before taking any action. Evan E. Randall offers free consultations, either in person or over the phone, to discuss whether the ticket could have any effect on the driver's license or the vehicle registration. 


The majority of traffic cases, or at least those that are petty offenses, are heard in courtroom 102 of the McHenry County Courthouse. For the vast majority of these cases, we charge a flat fee for legal representation and extend a guarentee:

  • If you are ever required to take a day off of work or school to attend court, you get a refund. Even if your ticket is marked "Court Appearance Required," a traffic defense attorney will be able to be present without you having to open your schedule. 
  • If your case ends with a conviction on your driving record, you get a refund. 

These guarentees are limited to cases heard in courtroom 102 and only applies to petty offenses (ie. most driving tickets). Please speak with an attorney to determine whether your case qualifies and, if it does, an Agreement will be signed accordingly. 


Whenever someone gets a traffic ticket, it is reported to the Secretary of State. They maintain a complete record of your driving history, including tickets from other states, suspensions, DUIs, and accidents, that can be found on a driving abstract. It is important to review a copy of this document to determine whether any recent ticket can have drastic effects beyond the courtroom. 

If your license is revoked or suspended, there are a variety of avenues available to obtain relief. Depending on the underlying reason for the revocation or suspension, either a formal or informal hearing is held. At this hearing, your attorney will present the facts and circumstances to the hearing officer and you could be granted your driving privileges back.

These Secretary of State hearings are unique and, since they follow administrative law and procedure, not every criminal defense attorney is capable of handling them. If you or someone you care about has a problem with their license being suspended or revoked, an experienced attorney needs to be consulted. We offer free consultations to address many of these concerns and discuss the options, and possible solutions, to get the license returned.