This is the default ticket when there is an accident and the police officer does not know what citation to issue. Found at 625 ILCS 5/11-601, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident citations are very common in McHenry County. 


Driver's who are involved in an accident have enough things to figure out: insurance, getting their vehicle fixed, and obtaining medical treatment. Insult to injury is added when the State's Attorney seeks to prosecute the driver as well. Luckily, these traffic tickets are among the most common to get dismissed or thrown out in court.


Evan E. Randall believes in providing honest and transparent legal services. We handle legal fees in the same manner. Our legal fees are charged at a flat rate of $100 to handle failure to reduce speed tickets from start to finish. These traffic offenses are not complicated and the low fee reflects that fact. 

No hidden charges or fees, no hourly rate or retainer; just a straight-forward legal defense for a fixed price. 

If you have been involved in a traffic accident, there are many things to handle without having to worry about charges being filed by the State's Attorney. Let us handle the charges while you focus on what's important: returning back to normal.